About Hydroscand

In the late 60s, Hydroscand went from an exciting idea to establishing a small family business. This small company has expanded vigorously over decades and is established and well renounced in 19 countries worldwide, with more than 200 branches.

After shifting our premises 5 times in the span of 40 years, we have finally settled down in our current headquarters in Sköndal, near Stockholm.

The foundation of the first branch in Sweden was laid in the mid-seventies and in the beginning of the 80s; we started to see outstanding growth. Today, Hydroscand Sweden alone has expanded to nearly 60 branches, spread all over the country. We even have a branch down in the Kiruna Mine, keeping the mines hydraulics moving and massively reducing machine downtime.

Hydroscand landed in the UK in 2002 with 2 Hydraulic & Industrial Centres and has since expanded across the country and now also have a branch in Ireland. This is just the beginning of our journey within the UK & Ireland and we are looking forward to expanding our business even further.


We shall assemble and distribute hoses and fluid connectors from a decentralised and customer orientated organisation.


To be the customer's first choice - for hose and fluid connectors.


To focus on the customer's needs and create long-term relationships. To develop the best management, knowledge, and processes. To use our core competence to strengthen our know-how, our marketing position, and the customer relations.