Hydroscand Design and Test Center (HDTC)

At Hydroscand, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality hoses and fluid connectors to our customers. To ensure that our products meet our strict standards for performance and durability, all of our products undergo rigorous testing in our state-of-the-art test laboratory located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lifetime Testing - Fleximpulse and Impulse
One of the tests we perform in our laboratory is lifetime testing, which is used to simulate the accelerated lifetime of a hose assembly. In this test, up to twelve hoses can be tested simultaneously, with a typical test including between 200,000 and 1,000,000 impulse cycles with up to 700 bar and oil temperatures up to 150°C. We perform these tests in accordance with ISO 6803 (pulse), ISO 8032 (flex-impulse), or according to customer requirements.


Pressure Testing
For custom hose and pipe assemblies that require certificates, we perform pressure tests before delivery. In these tests, hoses are tested with a static water pressure up to 2000 bar. This is an effective way to test the hoses, as the service life is not affected, and even the smallest fault or deficiency can be detected immediately. The same equipment is also used to validate the specified burst pressure of our hoses.


Leakage and Burst Pressure Testing
Leakage and burst tests are performed to ensure sufficient strength in the hose, ferrule, and fitting. The test equipment can also measure the elongation under pressure. We perform tests up to 4,000 bar in accordance with ISO 1402.


Corrosion Testing
Corrosion can cause irreversible damage to materials, fluid components, equipment, machinery, and pipelines, resulting in expensive repairs, production downtime, health and safety risks, and reputational damage. To ensure that our products are protected from corrosion, we perform tests in our climate chamber to ensure that the corrosion protection meets our quality demands and our customers' expectations.

In these tests, we alternate dry and wet periods and apply an acidified 1% salt solution regularly to the top coating, generally over a period of four weeks. We perform these tests in accordance with the latest standards for corrosion testing, such as-

  • ISO 9227: NSS Neutral Salt Spray Test 
  • ISO 16701: Accelerated corrosion test.


Component Testing

To achieve a leak-free system, it's essential that all hoses and fluid components are of high quality. Therefore, we have special equipment in our laboratory for testing other characteristics such as stiffness, surface finish, and tightening torque. For flexural strength testing of hoses, we have developed our machine that provides a way to classify hoses based on bending properties.


All our hoses and fluid connectors are subject to rigorous testing procedures in our modern internal testing lab (HDTC). As a customer you can feel safe when you buy a product from Hydroscand.

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